Wednesday, August 18, 2010

CYCLE'S END - Part 2 - "The End is the Beginning is the End"

"The End is the Beginning is the End" is an 11-page story that ends the 2007 anthology CYCLE'S END. I wrote it as a bookend to the opening story, "Of Myth & Legend," which can be found in the previous post below.

The easter egg of this story is that revisits the cyclic theme of the book and chronologically it can take place before the first story. (Although, it should still be read after "Of Myth & Legend.") The reason I point this out is because it's presented to you a different format here on the web as blog posts, which I think makes it a little harder to pick up on. Just another one of the differences between web comics and printed comics.

It was written by myself with art & letters by Ori Ayalon. What I enjoyed about writing this one is that I got to flex a completely different set of muscles, as it's a sci-fi / character piece. Enjoy!

Interior Story Cover (by Tony LaSeur):

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